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Do you like listen to your heart? Do you want to be sensitive to the society? If so, Nisades is for you which presents many beautiful Sinhala poems. Actually we value every voice and you will see that all poems are meaningful poems here. In here, we are trying to elevate creative self-expression in every form. Actually from our collection, you can find the Sinhala Nisades which are talking about love, passions, honour feelings, provoke thoughts, and inspire beautiful contributions to the universe.

When you’ll read our beautiful Sinhala poems, we are sure that you will find your voice. Then you can use it to change the world. Actually this is not just a place where you can hear. You can start to be creative yourself too. Do you know that poetry is one of the most historically rich, complex, and beautiful forms of expression in any language?

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When considering about the history of poetry, it goes back thousands of years. This poetry was born as an oral form, by accompanying with simple music and dance,. But later, poets developed to feature with repetition, verse form and rhyme. In Sri Lanka, earlier, people could find the Nisades only through press Medias (newspapers, magazines and etc). But now you can find meaningful Sinhala poems via internet also. Here is sharing many beautiful nisadas. Majority of them are talking about love. And others are talking about friendship, brotherhood, parents’ love, romance and the meaning of life.

However, here you can find beautiful as well as meaningful Nisadas which are touching your lives and lifestyles very nicely. So, don’t miss the chance to look into the world through Sri Lankan’s eye, through these poems. And stay tuned with us to have more updates. More beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Nisadas will come soon.

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