Nisadas Sinhala


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Nisadas Sinhala

Majority of us were learning poems when we were in our childhood, didn’t you? Actually poem is a self-contained text which makes sense as it stands. Most of poems that we learnt are in English language. But how good if you can have poems in Sinhala! Here Nisadas Sinhala presents beautiful collection of poems in our own language. But they are different kind of poems that we learnt at our school times. These poems are talking about love, pain, victory of life, life, bad experiences faced in lives and so on.

In the internet, you can find various types of poems. But majority of them are in English language. But now, you don’t want to look here and there. Enjoy our meaningful poem collection.

Nisadas Sinhala – More

Before enjoying our Nisadas Sinhala, let’s have deep understanding about the poem. Do you know, that poetry is a word of Greek origin? Yes it’s from Greek. And By accompanying with simple music and dance, this poetry was born as an oral form. But later, poets developed to feature with repetition, verse form and rhyme. Even in these collections, you can see that they are expressing what people regarded as meaningful and memorable in their lives. Such as; life, love, natural beauty or disaster, births and deaths, battles, brave actions and so on.

If you really want to enjoy these collection, then you should find the answers for below questions. Then you’ll receive the perfect satisfaction of that. They are;

- What is the poem about?
- Who is the voice speaking in the Sri Lankan poem?
- To whom is the poem addressed?
- Why has the poem been written?

If you will find the answers for them, then you can understand the content of any poem when approaching a poems in Sri Lank. Here you can find that how beautifully they touches Sri Lankan Lifestyles and its’ culture. The most popular topics for these poems are life, romance, friendship, hate, pain of love, last stage of the life and parenting. Therefore, find these beautiful and meaningful Nisadas Sinhala and have a chance to look into the world through Sri Lankan’s eye.

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