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As girls/ladies we know that you love to do fashion. Hair styles is also one part of it. You might have many more konda mosthara options than men. But the most and primary rule to apply is; that chosen hair style should suit to your face the best. You are updating with various hair styles trends every day. But keep in mind that you should always think about this. Because if it’ll not suit to your face, then it’ll not suit to your personality also.

While you’ll getting some ideas of selecting best hairstyles based on your face, find out our Konda Mosthara collection to grab the latest hairstyles and instructions on how to create them here. Total Beauty has your complete hairstyles facts.

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As I mentioned above, you should consider about the shape of your face, when you’ll find a konda mosthara. If you have a round face, you can choose a hairstyle that adds more length of the face and is face framing. Do you know that bangs and layers will slim the face? Yes, it does. And the hair style should be longer than chin length. And it could have wispy edges or tapered ends, but you should make sure to avoid feathering around cheek level.

If you have an oval shaped face, then you can do any kind of hair styles. But if you have a square shaped face, and if you will choose a long hairstyle, then it should be soften and frame the edges of the face, and the blunt cuts that should be just below shoulder length. And it should be soften your jawline with long bands or layers that start at the jawline. If you have a heart shaped face, then curly or wavy style are suitable. Also pixie cuts and shoulder length hair with layers are perfect for heart shaped faces.

If you have a diamond shaped face, then a blunt, should length cut or wispy bangs for long hair are suitable. And you can try subtle face framing layers with shoulder length hair also. See how good if you have an idea about the shape of your face, before selecting a hair style. While keeping these tips in mind, watch the latest and beautiful konda mosthara that are good for Sri Lankans.

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