Gewathu Wagawa


Have you ever wondered how the pros made such kind of gorgeous gardens that you love looking at? Actually gardening is not a difficult thing as you think. It’s art. And what you want to have is your passion. So today, we are going to give some tips how to maintain a beautiful and useful garden in your land. Check out our Gewathu Wagawa tips to have gorgeous as well as useful garden in your house. Have some gardening ideas including when to plant, how to grow, and vegetable gardening ideas.

Gewathu Wagawa – More

If you are planning to do gewathu wagawa, you have to consider about the land space, sunlight, climate, water, the time you can spend, money and other some resources. Indirectly, there are some other factors also affect for that. They are; the environment you are living, your social background, weather and climate and so on.

Now let’s see some important tips to have a good gardening.

Plan to grow various kind of vegetables in your garden throughout the year. Because normally, we don’t like to have same vegetables every day.

Consider the landscape, the nature of soil, water availability and sunlight for your gardening.

You should plan and cultivate another new crop when the old crop is going to finish.

Normally in Sri Lanka, the prices of vegetables are going up in January, June/July, December and January. Therefore, you can plan and grow the vegetables to reap the harvest on those time periods.

If you already have grown some vegetables and plants in your garden, maintain them properly. Trim those branches. And put some fertilizers if any crop is needed.

If you follow above tips, you can easily maintain a good gewathu wagawa and you can make your family happy. Live healthy, make your land beautiful. Stay tuned with us to have more gardening ideas.

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