Duka Hithena Adara Wadan


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Duka Hithena Adara Wadan

Do you love sad poems? I guess, majority of you love to read that kind of poems. But it’s not because of your old experience. But that emotion allows you to think many things. Therefore, check out our Duka Hithena Adara Wadan collection for saying goodbye to someone you love. And they helps you deal with sadness and sorrow. Actually the feeling of sadness is almost always accompanied by mental isolation.

Do you know, when you have the feeling of Sadness, it makes you sit down, think about yourself, your life, your future. And it is an overwhelming set of emotions seeking release too. Sometimes you may think that sad poems are about feeling alone, dealing with death and depression. And they are talking about the feelings of hate, loss, mourning, suicide only. No, it’s not correct. These sad poems are more than that.

Duka Hithena Adara Wadan – More

If you’ll check the poems carefully, you will notice that majority of topics of poems are about sadness and loneliness after the “love” topic. Actually this feeling is very close to any of us. That’s why we also thought to share some beautiful and meaningful Sinhala sad poems under Duka Hithena Adara Wadan collection. Actually, sadness contains grief, depression, desolation, sorrowfulness, melancholy and a host of other unhappy emotions. And that are the human condition and arise from situations of great disappointment and hurt.

You will see that many poems are there which talk on tragedy and loss. And people shared them by their personal events from the past or the state of affairs of the world at any given time. It may include the unfairness of life, the fragility of life, and the darker side of human experience. But actually, many of these things are universal topics and people’s own experiences. And these sad poems help others to understand themselves and not feel so alone or isolated. Stay tuned with us to have more updates.

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