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Mushroom at home

In Sri Lanka, Bimmal Wagawa is one of popular self-employment especially in the rural area. And the agricultural sector is also encouraging villagers to grow this mushroom. And I know that many of our housewives are also curious to grow mushrooms at home. Therefore, today, we’re going to share some important facts about mushroom cultivation in a Sri Lanka’s climate.

So, check out our Bimmal Wagawa videos and essential factors that every farmer should know about mushroom cultivation in Sri Lanka. Oyster mushroom and button mushroom are popular in Sri Lanka. So now you don’t want to wonder about growing Bimmal. Here we’re guiding you.

Bimmal Wagawa – More

As mentioned above, today this Bimmal Wagawa is one of popular self-employment among many Sri Lankans. And majority are starting this as it’s defined as earn more profit by a minimum investment. But one they continue it few months, then majority are giving up this business. Why? What’s the reason? The main reasons are; lack of knowledge about how to grow mushroom, no patient, not following correct methods and tools and getting sick.

Therefore, if you wish to start Bimmal Wagawa, firstly you should get proper knowledge about growing this mushroom. For that you can contact your “Waga Niladarai” or any agri-related officers in your area. And the other thing is, try to find out proper and enough space to grow this mushroom and to harvest and to pack them. Don’t grow them inside your home and don’t pack them inside your house’s room. As much as possible, try to find out separate area for that. And you should follow the correct guidelines and you must use the proper tools and equipment for that. If you’ll use those proper things, then you’ll not get sick.

Most of farmers who gave up this employment are saying they are suffering for wheezing and breathe related problems. You may experience it, if you’ll not follow the correct guidelines and wearing proper masks. And also, you should have patient. Because the first two terms, every mushroom pot is giving good harvest. After that, it becomes less. But if you will plan new lots based on previous harvests, then you’ll not experience loss in the mid of some certain time periods. Likewise, you have to think about many things before starting Bimmal Wagawa. Watch the videos and you can have better idea about that.

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